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The world of a reporter that’s open to everyone

The world. If you want to see more than what books can show you and you want to live it and feel it; if to you, the journey isn’t about reaching a destination as fast as possible, but an occasion for meetings and exchanges without labels or stereotypes; if you like to live to the unpredictable rhythm of nature… welcome to Reporter’s Life.


Our photography workshops

Our photography workshops are one, two or three week journeys spent travelling around the world with our reporters giving you the chance to live in a group of journalists and create exclusive reportage. It is a unique experience, and as well as teaching you the tricks of the trade in photo journalism, you will see the world as never before.

One thing’s for certain – every journey with us is one-of-a-kind. Because at Reporter’s Life, we don’t take the beaten path. With us, get ready to expect the unexpected. Lack of organisation? Certainly not! All of our trips are carefully planned based on our reporters’ experience, but the unexpected is a travel essential! Because the art of adapting to unforeseen circumstances is one of the most important qualities of top reporters. You’ll open yourself to ever more exciting discoveries, and see that slowing down, wandering, going back, and stopping is a way of life for reporters who always take the unknown road. Things that you have to do when the negotiation for an exclusive interview doesn’t go to plan. Or when you have to give in, or change direction or deadline.

And like that – with the rush of an article deadline, or that tranquillity of stopping to watch a land and its people from another point of view – you start searching again, for something, without knowing exactly what. Something that you know you’ll find if you live the adventure, if you let things come to you…

That doesn’t mean we go looking for danger, just that we don’t “freeze” our workshop participants into ready-made packages. And also because the places we visit don’t allow us to foresee everything – we have to be ready to confront the defiance of nature and unexpected circumstances.

These are journeys without luxuries; they’re long, at times tiring, far away, extraordinary, where the group always needs to be ready to change direction to make the most out of unforeseen events – as interesting as they are unexpected. The result is an incredible, unpredictable journey, which will give you the chance to capture breath-taking photographs and videos and live the experience of a reporter “on the field”.



For the participants (a maximum of 12 per workshop), Reporter’s Life offers a different way to come into contact with a country and its people – all the while united by passion for pictures.

Our trips are open to everyone over 18 years of age. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take part. The most important thing is to join us with the right spirit. Don’t expect 5 star hotels with swimming pools and beauty treatments, but be ready to live with bare essentials to reach rarely, or even un-trodden, destinations. Treat difficulties as challenges to overcome, fired with the spirit of adaptability, curiosity and pragmatism. In exchange, a world full of everyday surprises, curiosities, and small or even large mishaps await you, stories to tell for the rest of your life.


Passion and technique

All of our trips are accompanied by our reporters and professional photographers who will welcome you to their troop and share with you their tricks of the trade. Combined with your previous knowledge of photographic techniques, you’ll learn the best way to create a reportage by blending your passion for photography and your photos with the excitement of discovering the traveller in you.

During the expedition you’ll play an active part, so don’t expect to just sit back and watch! You’ll have more to do than enjoy the trip; you’ll be a real reporter with a mission - to capture some of the infinite aspects of the journey. Our reporters will always be with you, and they’ll teach you techniques and tricks, and share their lifetimes of experience of on the spot negotiation, the art of changing perspective when a new opportunity presents itself, and they’ll show you their wilful determination to always go a little further when looking for the story, and how to put yourself in the photo without ever forgetting the truth of the places. You’ll see how they are inspired by the land and guided by the voices, the smells, the dialects, the colours, and the atmospheres.

When you take part in a Reporter’s Life workshop you will live new and unexpected sights and emotions. Like a jazz musician who redesigns a musical note – instinctively improvising with creativity and taking a leap towards the unknown, anxious to experiment and explore their own limits. And to touch new worlds.


your reportage

The challenge we set to our workshop participants is to complete a reportage – like a real group of journalists – that will be published in the online magazine, Kiss From The World.

Creating a reportage involves giving a shape to the story you are experiencing with images and words – tools that can give immediate and effective impact if used well – but can present a challenge to those who don’t know where to begin.

Our workshops will teach you how to devise, plan and complete your reportage. The difference between Reporter’s Life and conventional courses is that we don’t explain how to do things in a classroom – we show you on the field, experimenting with theory in real journalistic situations.

We’ll be with you step by step, teaching you the techniques to construct and enhance your story and make your “visual language” stand out. Together, we’ll choose the best photos, organise and edit them.

The workshop programme will be tailored to meet the level and needs of each participant, so that it is as interesting and relevant for experts as it is for beginners.

Apart from the individual reportage that each participant will create, we will also work on a group reportage that will be published in the online magazine Kiss From The World. That way everyone will also learn how to work together to make editorial decisions, and stick it out as a team even after a hard day on the road.

Creating a reportage is not obligatory. If you wish to participate to discover the journey, but you’re not passionate about photography, you can still be an active participant on the front line of an incredible experience.


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The world of a reporter that is open to everyone

TAKE PART in our exclusive workshops and live the experience of a reporter.

You’ll be part of a group of journalists.
You will have a mission to complete: create and publish your reportage.
At any cost!

free to…

Free to come with us even if photography isn’t your passion!

If what you’re interested in is a journey that takes unusual paths, and gives you the chance to have incredible, first hand, experiences, you are not obliged to create a reportage.

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